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About OptiCloud

What if you could, in a simple way, find quality documentation, improve earnings by detecting low performance or make planned service on your machines?

With OptiCloud, you can access data of already performed fiber deployment tasks easy and fast.

The industry of fiber deployment and fiber deployment management is changing and the demand with it.

Today, we are facing lack of quality documentation, overview and optimization leading to high costs.

Developed by Fremco, OptiCloud is here to make every day easier for operators, installers and network owners when utilizing the Microflow LOG. With its user-friendly overview, OptiCloud creates overview of different parameters to obtain quality documentation, improve utilization and prevent high costs by making planned service.

With OptiCloud, you gain more!








Benefits Of Opticloud

OptiCloud offers three reports into managing your fiber deployment data in a simple way. The cloud solution helps you meeting demands from the industry with its instant features of:

● Complete overview of your fiber blowing machines and the performed jobs

● Possibility of planned service, minimizing the risk of having a machine that suddenly does not work.

● Easy access to a utilization overview of all machines.

This gives the possibility to detect low performance.

If you have any further questions into how OptiCloud can assist managing your fiber deployment tasks, contact Fremco A/S


Get OptiCloud

OptiCloud is a free user-friendly management tool included in the purchase of the Microflow LOG

If you do not own a Microflow LOG machine, read more about the machine and contact Fremco A/S to purchase the machine with the included OptiCloud management tool.

If you already own a Microflow LOG machine, and you are interested in the benefits of OptiCloud then contact Fremco A/S today!

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